Uncommon Time v1.11

Over the past few years updates to this game have just been small bugfixes and the like, but today's update is a little bit special, so I wanted to formally announce the biggest changes.

First off, the game's download package now includes a PDF instruction booklet that includes new character introductions and rundowns of some aspects of gameplay that were underexplained back in '15. This also means that a lot of information that up until now has only been floating around on the tumblr pages will be readily accessible to folks who've arrived from itch, and that that information will continue to be available if tumblr ever goes under.

Secondly there are a few graphical updates. This is an entirely self-indulgent change, as I got tired of looking at the very oldest of the drawn assets (which are from 2013 and thus unbearably ancient when viewed from the perspective of 2019 Me) and wanted to do something about it. So, the new artwork used for the PDF also makes an appearance as the easter egg demo afterparty end rolls. But more importantly, the final boss of Movement II has a new enemy graphic. In my highly biased opinion it is at least 300% more atmospheric and also, way cooler.

Finally, version 1.11 includes a brand new sidequest that becomes available after a few other endgame sidequests are cleared. It's a scene that I've had in my head for a good couple years now, and which I decided I may as well actually put into the game because I have the power to do that. The new sidequest is playable via old save data, so if you want to check it out just download the update and pop your saves and system data into the new folder.






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